ECrisis will build upon two award winning games: the Village Voices - that was developed during the EU FP7 Siren project - and Iconoscope - that was developed during the EU FP7 C2Learn project.

Village Voices

The ‘Village voices’ Siren mini-game is about collaboration, sharing and helping each other, but also about spreading rumours and stealing resources.

Download Village Voices for Windows
Download Village Voices for Mac
Instructions: How to Setup Village Voices


Iconoscope is a game deployed on tablets and on the web which aims to foster the creativity of its players. The inspiration behind Iconoscope comes primarily from non-digital construction and guessing games. Iconoscope motivates players to creatively interpret concepts (described linguistically) as icons (depicted visually) which convey the same message. The design and development of Iconoscope was funded by the FP7 C2Learn project.

Play Iconoscope